Windshield Replacement

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Stay Safe with Quality Windshield Replacement in Abbotsford

If your windshield sustained significant damage today, would you know where to turn for quality windshield replacement? Abbotsford drivers-no matter how careful-can't avoid every stray rock that flies their way.

What's more, rock chips have a nasty way of spreading. When that happens, the crack calls your safety question. You need a new windshield fast.

But how do you know your windshield installation will make your windshield any safer? Answer: you choose a reputable glass company.

At Clearbrook Glass Ltd., we start by using quality glass. Then we make sure your new windshield matches every curve of your vehicle. Our strong adhesives ensure a tight fit and a secure bond.

Rely on Us for More than Just Car Windshields

Many windshield replacement companies service only cars and light trucks, leaving boat and RV owners out of the picture altogether.

Clearbrook Glass Ltd. is different. We replace any windshield on:

  • Cars and sedans
  • Vintage cars
  • Trucks and SUVs
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Commercial fleet vehicles
  • Specialty vehicles and heavy-duty industrial equipment
  • Boats

Most British Columbia drivers put off windshield replacement because they don't want the hassle of filing a claim with the ICBC. We understand. For this reason, we offer ICBC Glass Express services. No need to file your claim separately.

Visit Us Today

If you've put off your vintage car restoration until you could find a new windshield, wait no longer. We'll take care of you and your vehicle so well that you won't want to go elsewhere.

Have a question for our glass experts? Ask it online via our question box to the right. Feel free to learn more about us so you have a better sense of who we are before you arrive at our shop.

For a secure, professional windshield replacement in Abbotsford, stop by or give us a call today.

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