Custom Frameless Shower Enclosures

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Luxuriate with Custom Glass Showers for Your Abbotsford Home

Frameless shower enclosures are one of our specialties!

Picture yourself walking into a serene day spa. Notice the clean, uncluttered design-and atmosphere calculated to help you relax and unwind.

How does your own bath compare? If you've dreamed of a stylish remodel of your shower, tub, or overall bathroom, now's the time to make that dream a reality.

Start with custom glass showers from our Abbotsford team at Clearbrook Glass Ltd. Browse our shower enclosure gallery below for ample visual inspiration.

Create Your Own Spa Experience

Before you can re-create a spa atmosphere in your own home, take the time to learn which style represents your ideal look. Our glaziers are happy to install traditional, framed shower surrounds if that matches your aesthetic. If you want a partly framed surround, we can do that too.

Or, if you like the look of a frameless enclosure (one of our specialties), we'll customize a frameless shower that fits your design specifics. Frameless showers are strong, beautiful, and easy to clean with just a quick swipe of a shower squeegee.

After all, beauty and simplicity are both essential components of any spa experience.

Talk With a Clearbrook Representative Today

If your current bathroom is dark, uninviting, or hard to clean, consider the benefits of a Clearbrook shower surround. Our workmanship speaks for itself, as past customers can attest.

Your dream of a modern, clean, and attractive bathroom is closer than ever at Clearbrook Glass Ltd. You can see for yourself when you visit our shop in Abbotsford. Custom glass showers can improve any bath area and add value to your home.

Contact us today to make an appointment for your new custom-designed shower. Then be prepared to spend many luxurious hours in your new, spa-like environment!

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