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Fogged Window Replacement for the Abbotsford, Area

Is it just another cloudy day, or are your windows just perpetually foggy?

The fact is, too many homes lose energy and curb appeal because of condensation in their windows. Frustrated homeowners may also put up with windows with chipped grilles, warped frames, or broken hardware.

If you need a fogged window replacement, our Abbotsford team at Clearbrook Glass Ltd. comes through with quality service every time. Tell us about your windows, and let us offer a helpful solution.

We can replace the glass in your existing frames or provide new frames of any size.

Why Windows Fail

When double-paned windows are new, they are clear and unclouded. Over time, however, varying air pressure fluctuations stress the silica sealant between the panes. When this happens, the seal no longer protects against condensation. The result is a cloudy-or foggy window.

How You Can Benefit from Replacement Windows

When you contact us for replacement windows, get ready for these noticeable benefits:

  • Improve curb appeal - There's no better way to make your whole home look better than with new windows. You can also let in more light or choose a patterned design for your bathroom.
  • Increase performance - Bid farewell to sticky, clunky, or leaking windows with easy-to-clean styles that op en and close with ease.
  • Promote efficiency - Your new windows keep a tighter seal against wind and inclement weather. You'll also cut your utility bills and improve air quality.
  • Stay secure - New windows feature a sturdy build and they also have secure latches that keep your whole family safer.

At Clearbrook Glass Ltd., we only supply quality, lifetime warranted windows for your home. Let us install new high efficiency Milgard Windows with vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, or wood frames in varying styles. Whether or not you require a fogged window replacement for your Abbotsford home, we offer many kinds of windows that improve any space.

Browse our gallery below for inspiration, and then call us today for an appointment!

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